Your front door is not only a trademark of your home, but a first line defense against burglary, and ensuring that it can provide you and your family with sufficient security is vital. In order to maximize such security and the safety of your home, you should often ask yourself: What type of lock would work best with my door and how do I determine which lock can best fulfill my needs? Keeping in mind the aforementioned questions, we will continue on to discuss the numerous variations of door locks available and how their proper implementations can assist you in keeping your home secure.

Privacy Locks

Exterior Lock-sets


Key-less Locks

Auxiliary locks

All in all, both the door and lock securing your home must be of quality and properly installed in order for you and your family to truly be safe, given that one can always be compromised and undermine the other. In order to maximize residential security, ensure that both your lock and the door it is mounted on are high-quality and undergo maintenance when necessary. If you have any questions concerning the type of lock and/or door you would like to install, please do not hesitate to contact us online or call our office—our experienced professionals will help you every step of the way.