Swipe Card ReaderHow to Choose The Best Swipe Card Mechanisms For You

There are a plethora of swipe card mechanisms currently on the market, so you’ll find that a fitting solution is at your fingertips–no matter the extent of your needs.

Flexibility – You may not have any plans to expand your business’ size at the moment, but that could change in the near future. While researching swipe mechanisms, ensure that they have the capacity to accommodate additional access points without any impediments.

Additional features – In addition to regulating the access points of your premises, swipe card mechanisms can be consolidated with further security systems. For instance, alarm monitoring (which proves to be effective should an intruder successfully trespass), as well as software that tracks your employees’ timing and attendance are auxiliary features you should consider.

Software – Unifying your swipe card system with the proper software will make it that much easier to manage your business. Doing so could prove useful while adding or removing authorized personnel, as well as revising access rights and generating efficiency reports.

Building code – Of course, managing the entrances to your premises comes with along with managing all the exits. As such, you should ascertain whether or not your desired access control system is up to par with fire and general safety regulations.

Warranties – If access control systems fail to function properly, their installation is meaningless. In turn, this could mean falsely keeping authorized personnel out–or worse–allowing intruders a “free pass.” Even dependable equipment should be paired with appropriate warranties in order to safeguard the proper functioning of your system should it becomes defective.

Choosing a supplier for your swipe card system

There are numerous options in electing who to purchase an access control system from; you could go with a national brand such as ADT, ASG, or Stanley Convergent–or perhaps a smaller, local company. This decision will largely depend on the size of your company as well as your budget.

Small businesses – Perhaps your needs are more modest, or you are simply searching for a solution that won’t break the bank. If that is the case, purchasing an ‘off the shelf’ system may be the right alternative for you. From door locks, to swipe card readers, these bundles encompass the aspects that most small businesses require.

Medium/large businesses – More extensive businesses often require more complex solutions. As a result, there are a variety of specialized access control companies that will gladly walk you through the steps of purchasing, designing, and installing the optimal system. Don’t forget to confirm that your supplier has completed an on-site inspection, as the mechanism is inconsequential if it fails to meet your requirements. Furthermore, inquire if you could visit locations where similar installations have been carried out before hiring anyone. Even though this could lengthen the process, it will aid you in choosing the utmost supplier for your business.

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